Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Top 4 // Spring Nail Polishes

Pastel nail polish is just perfect and what better time to wear it than spring. I have a lot of nail polish colours that I love, but considering it's spring time, I thought I'd share the brighter more floral ones with you.
From Left to Right: Barry M Sugar Apple, Rimmel London Lose Your Lingerie, Barry M Mint Green, Barry M Berry Ice Cream.

Barry M Sugar Apple - This is a gelly polish and to be honest I find the consistency a little gloopy, however this could be because of how old it is. The colour is just beautiful. A really light baby blue with a lovely shine is just brilliant for the spring.

Rimmel London Lose Your Lingerie - This polish isn't only one of my favourites for spring but also one of my all time favourites. Not only is the colour such a lovely pearl pink but the consistency is just brilliant. It glides on like a dream and dries in such a smooth layer. 

Barry M Mint Green - Once you have managed to layer up the nail polish enough for it to be opaque, the colour is gorgeous.  The mint green is so bright and floral, perfect for the spring. The consistency is really nice too and glides on and dries perfectly. 

Barry M Berry Ice Cream - This is very similar to the mint green in the way that you have to apply a few coats but once you have it is beautiful. The consistency is lovely and it looks just like ice cream.