Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nail Art // Valentines Day

I love nail art and considering valentines day is coming up I thought I would show you my themed design.
First, I prepped my nails by removing any old polish and filing my nails to the shape I wanted. Then I applied two coats of Coconut to all of my fingers except my middle one as I did that in two coats of An Affair In Red Square.
After the polish had dried I applied the stamp to my ring finger on both hands. To do this you must put a thick line of polish along the top of the design you want to use. Then, using your scraper, scrape downwards to remove any excess polish and fill in the design. Press your stamper onto the plate and then roll it over your nail to apply the design. It may take a few times to get this right so I suggest having a little practice before you go in to do it properly.
After you have stamped you will probably have quite a lot of polish around your nails. Just dip a cotton bud in remover and wipe it around the edges of your nail to get the polish off your skin. Then apply a topcoat (I used the original one from OPI) to seal in the design and give it a brilliant shine.
I hope everyone enjoys their Valentines day. Thank you for reading xx

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