Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Next // Nail Colour Collection

I don't usually buy makeup from clothing brands as I'm a bit sceptical about their quality, however when I saw these nail polishes from Next I just couldn't resist. They were just so eye-catching on the shelf and the colours are so unique. I would put in a link but from what I can see you can't buy them online but they are usually found with the other makeup products in any Next store. I bought these polishes on three different occasions as they always seem to be on a 3 for 2 offer. They are £4 each but you can get three for £8 which I think is a really good price.

They seem to have quite a few different finishes and I'm not sure if I have an example of them all but the ones I do have are:
  • Matte
  • Glitter
  • Gloss Finish
  • Shimmer
  • Metallic Foil
They entire line claims to be hard wearing which I can confidently say is an accurate description. Each polish lasted 3-4 days with no chipping on its own (no topcoat or basecoat) which I think is just right as by this point I am usually wanting to change the colour anyway. The brushes for these polishes are long, thick and squared off which makes it very easy to apply. I am able to cover my nail completely in just two strokes. The consistency of the polish isn't watery but isn't gloopy either which makes it just right. It glides onto the nail really easily and dries extremely quickly which means you can do your nails in about ten minutes. No more waiting ten minutes between coats!

Overall I have nine different polishes:
  • Well Jel (Metallic Foil) - This is a beautiful pink shade with a purple undertone which has an extremely fine glitter running through it which creates the metallic look. It claims to only need one coat of polish to be completely opaque. I don't really agree with this as one coat does work however it is a little patchy, therefore two coats looks better.

  • Apple Of My Eye (Glitter Effect) - Used as a top coat or on its own this polish is beautiful. It is a transparent red polish with tiny pieces of red glitter going all the way through. To get it to work alone and be completely opaque you need about three coats.
  • Ballet Shoe (Glitter Effect) -  This is a sheer white polish with tiny flecks of silver polish and larger flecks of gold polish running through it. It reflects the light perfectly and makes your nails really stand out. It looks nice on its own but works much better on top of a light nail polish such a white or a light brown.
  • White Noise (Glitter Effect) - This polish is one of my favourites as its just so versatile and sparkly. It can be used alone with two coats, as a top coat or as an accent nail to give the look a little more sparkle. Its is a sheer polish with a shimmery dust running through it and once it dries it has a sandy texture.
  • Day Dreamer (Glitter Effect) - Purple will forever be one of my favourite colours and it can't get much better than purple glitter. This polish has chunky pieces of purple glitter in different shades and sizes. It is definitely meant to be used as a top coat as the actual polish is clear however it does look really pretty on its own.

  • Liquorice (Matte Effect) - This is a black polish that dries matte. I do really like this polish however there is a small amount of shimmer. I personally would have preferred it to have been a sold black as the shimmer makes the polish a little less matte. The good thing about this polish is that, unlike many other black polishes I've tried, you only need two coats for it to be completely opaque. I find that with many polishes that the colour is either more brown than black or is too sheer but this polish doesn't have any of those problems.

  • Violet (Gloss Finish) - This polish glides onto the nail so easily and smoothly. The glossy finish really shines and makes your nails stand out and really adds to your look. It's a solid violet colour and takes two coats to become completely opaque.
  •   Anaconda (Shimmer Effect) - Green polish has never been one of my favourites but this colour is just lovely. It's more turquoise than anything else as it has very strong blue undertones. It has extremely fine glitter running through it which gives it a beautiful shimmer when it hits the light and takes two coats to become completely opaque.
  • Big Apple (Shimmer Effect) - This polish is red with very fine gold glitter running through it. It claims to be opaque in just one coat and I do agree with this however I still prefer to wear two as it makes me feel like it will last a little longer. Its a very unique polish and is absolutely beautiful.

 Overall, these polishes are some of the best I've ever tried and I will definitely be buying more of these in the future. I recommend these to anyone who loves nails or gets frustrated with having to wait for their polish dry.