Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Makeup Revolution // Baked Eye Shadow Palettes

Makeup Revolution sell some of the most beautiful drugstore makeup on the market in my opinion. Every time I see something of theirs I like, I just cannot resist the temptation. I recently bought some new products by Makeup Revolution from Superdrug and I am so excited to create some lovely looks with them. I purchased the Chocolate Deluxe and the Electric Dreams Baked Eye Shadow Palettes and I'm impressed to say the least. Also, to make it even better, they're only £2.50 each!

As soon as I saw these palettes all I could think about was how many different looks I could create with them. The shimmery shades stood out among all the other eye shadows that I had looked at they were the ones that I was desperate for. When I swatched them in the shop I was surprised by how pigmented they were and after playing about with them a bit I can confidently say that they look just as good on the eyes.

The packaging for the products is very sleek. The clear top allows me to see which palette is which without having to open it up. The gold lettering contrasts beautifully with the black plastic holder and the shadows are a lovely shape.

Electric Dreams Palette from bottom right to top left

Chocolate Deluxe Palette from bottom right to top left

 The pigmentation of the shadows is really good as you can see from the pictures above. The shadows aren't glittery as such but have more of a pearl effect as they reflect the light. They aren't dusty and I haven't experienced any fall out so far. The palettes include a wide range of colours from light to dark. If I had to pick some favourites I would have to say the gold on the Chocolate Deluxe and the lightest purple from the Electric Dreams. The only problem I have with these palettes is that the shadows don't have individual names but that doesn't effect the quality so it isn't a big deal.
Electric Dreams
 For this first look I used three of the colours from the Electric Dreams Palette. I used to bottom right colour in my crease and the outer corner of my eye and blended it out. I then put the top right colour on my lid and the top left in the inner corner of my eye to brighten the look. I also used some of the bottom right colour under my eye.

Chocolate Deluxe

 For the second look I used the penny colour from my MUA Matte Palette and applied it to my crease. I then put the bottom right colour of the Chocolate Deluxe palette on my lid and the top right colour in the inner corner of my eye. I also put a little of the penny colour under my eye.

I love these palettes and would recommend any makeup revolution eye shadows to everyone. They are just perfect!

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